Winner of Newsletter Drawing

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This time, we drew three names to receive the newsletter prize. We are giving away three 1 oz. bottles of SuperThrive. If you want to learn more about this product, click HERE The winners are: Sheila Rackley, Linda Lentile, and Kathy Casey! Congratulations to these three. Remember, the only way to get entered into these drawing is to sign up for our newsletter. Just enter your email address in the email sign up box up in the top right area of this page.


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Wow, I’m overwhelmed with the number of replies I’ve gotten for the newsletter this time! We have a lot of entries for the SUPERthrive giveaway! Since there are so many replies, I can’t answer every one individually, but if you did reply, your name is definitely in the drawing for the SUPERthrive. In case you wonder how I pick the winners, I use a website called to pick a number. I’ve assigned each reply a number, so the winner is the one that corresponds with the number picked by I’ll pick the winner on April 13. Yes, I …

Planto Gloves Price Increase

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If you were thinking about buying the Planto Flex Gloves, now is the time. We just learned from our vendor that the next shipment of gloves is going to be higher in price. While we still have some in stock, we are leaving the price at $11.00, including shipping. Once this stock is gone and the new stock is in, the price will increase to $12.00 per pair. This is still a great price considering it includes the cost of mailing them to you! But if you want to pay $1.00 less, order now before we have to start selling …

How We Try to Be Green

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Just a quick note to let you know what we do to try to be as green as possible. In the shipping business, it’s not always possible to do the most ecologically friendly thing. We have to buy packing materials, and we have to use enough of the materials to ensure that your product is packed in a way that doesn’t allow damage. However, we do try to do what we can. When you receive a package from us, it’s possible you might find another company’s name or logo on the box. That’s because it’s greener to reuse the box …

Winner of December Newsletter Drawing

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The winner of the drawing for our December newsletter is Lisa Chadwick! Congratulations, Lisa! She gets to choose between the two books on our website, “Good Bug, Bad Bug” and “Grow Organic”. I was very disappointed in the responses to our newsletter this month. I’m surprised more people don’t enter to win, because all I ask is that you send me an email. I do realize, however, that this is a busy time of year, and some people simply feel like they can’t take the time to respond. But don’t worry…there will be more newsletters and more drawings. We always …

We’re Out of Gloves-But Don’t Worry!

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We are currently out of the Planto Flex gloves again in the ladies’ size. Sometimes it takes awhile for our shipments to get here from Germany, and the timing isn’t always perfectly. However…don’t panic. 🙂 We are expecting a shipment early next week and we will immediately send out any orders at that time. So you will receive the gloves in plenty of time if you were planning on giving them for Christmas gifts. Please go ahead and order, though, and don’t wait until the gloves come in. This could delay the order. Thank you for your patience. We never …

Better Homes & Gardens Article

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I need your help! I was never able to find the Better Homes & Gardens issue where the Planto Flex Gloves were mentioned. We’re still getting orders from this, but have no idea what it says in the magazine. Is there anyone out there who can scan this article for us and email it? If you can do this, my email address is I would really, really appreciate it if I could get a copy of this article! Thanks!