Impact of Oil Spill on Our Products

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We still don’t know how large of an impact the oil spill in the gulf will have on the environment and the economy.  There is still much to be done to try to get this under control.  At this time, many fishermen are pulling out of their fishing contracts and this is already having an effect on our products.  As you probably know, many of our products use fish as an ingredient.  Most of this comes from the gulf area. We are already having problems getting some products shipped to us.  This will affect the Mills Magic Rose Mix, Mills …


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Tell us where you are going on vacation this year.  Does anyone take care of your roses or garden when you’re away, or do you let them fend for themselves?

John’s Birthday!

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Today is John Beaty’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, John! Today, we are going to give away a free 20# bag of Mills Magic Rose Mix to the first person who correctly guesses John’s age.  Click on the “Staff” page and take a look at John.  How old is he?  Anybody brave enough to guess? Friends, family, and acquaintances of John are not eligible.

What Kind of Dog is Buster?

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The first person who can tell us what breed Buster is will receive a free one pint bottle of Mills EasyFeed.  Look closely – what do you think?  Comment on this post to receive your free EasyFeed Liquid Concentrate.  For those of you that know already (and I know who you are!), sorry you’re not eligible.  Come on, it wouldn’t be fair!


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Check our our new prices on Messenger in our online store. Click on “our products” to go to the store. Messenger is out of production and when our stock is gone, it’s gone! We have a limited supply left, so hurry and gets yours before we run out.

Two New Products!

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Check out the two new products that we have for sale. Go to the “Our Products” page and see the new Radius Gator Grabber, a great tool for picking up leaves, debris, rose cuttings, rocks, and logs. Also, we have a new product called Nutri-Cal, which is a calcium supplement for fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. This product is excellent for preventing blossom end rot in tomatoes. Your comments and questions are welcome!

Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and will be here before you know it! Order early to make sure your purchase arrives on time. Check out our Planto Products, Radius Tools, and Hope Garden Gloves for great Mother’s Day gifts! Click on “comments” and tell us some of the great Mother’s Day gifts you have gotten and given in the past.

Planto Products

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Check out our new Planto products. They are really well made and durable. We sell lots of these at rose society meetings and rose shows because the customers can actually see and feel them. I especially like the belt bag and gardening bags because you can keep your tools with you as you work in the garden.


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It seems that we went straight from winter to summer; we’ve been breaking temperature records, getting close to 90 degrees. Today it’s back to the 50’s and 60’s. What’s the weather been like in your area? How has it affected your gardening?