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After holding our prices on Mills Magic Rose Mix steady for several years, we are finally going to have to have an increase. Our last price increase was in January of 2007, which was four and a half years ago. We held our prices steady through many UPS shipping charge increases as well as increases in the materials that go into the production of Mills Magic Rose Mix. In doing an analysis on our costs, we’ve found that we have actually been losing money on some shipments, and we can’t continue to ship at a loss. I hope you, our loyal customers, understand this increase is necessary for us to be able to continue offering this product. We thank you for remaining loyal to the Mills brand and to Beaty Fertilizer.

On September 1, at 8:00 AM Eastern Time, the 20# bag of Mills Magic Rose Mix will go up to $27.99 per bag. The 5# will be $16.99, the 10# will be $22.99, and the 40# will be $62.99. We are currently working on a different type of container for the 5# and 10# sizes to make the price more comparable per lb. to the 20# bag. Because of the high cost of the current containers, we are going to also offer the 40# in a bag for $49.99. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment on this blog, or email at

We are going to keep an eye on the EasyFeed costs, but as of right now, we aren’t going to increase those prices. We will only make a change if we have to.

Remember – the prices of ALL of our products include shipping costs!

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