Mills Magic Rose Mix Improvements

For many years, our Mills Magic Rose Mix has stayed the same with only a couple of minor tweaks. We’ve stayed true to the original formula. However, because of many factors, we’ve decided to make some changes to this formula. Mills Magic Rose Mix will still be all natural, but it will look very different. Listed below are the changes that have been made and the benefits of these changes.

We’ve removed the fish meal. This will cut down on any odor the product has, and this will hopefully help prevent flies from laying eggs in the mix as well as helping it to not attract other creatures. We’ve had a few incidents this year where people have found flies in their mix after it had been sitting on the shelf for several months.

We’ve removed the biosolids. There are many people who hesitate to buy our mix because they’re concerned about the waste product, even though this is heat sanitized and completely safe. But we do want to try to make this product appealing to everyone who is interested in its benefits. This is a decision that we feel is best for our customers.

We’ve added feather meal. Feather meal provides slow-release nitrogen, which allows the mix to feed your roses longer.

We’ve added fermented citrus peels. This will replace the fish meal and biosolids. Citrus peels are a source of NPK as well as organic materials to enrich the soil.

We’ve kept the alfalfa meal, cottonseed meal, bone meal, and blood meal.

The nutrients will be homogenized. What this means is that in each granule, you’ll get all the nutrients. With just mixing the ingredients together, you might have more of one nutrient in one part of the mix and another nutrient in another part. For instance, some roses might get more alfalfa meal and others might get more cottonseed meal. All regular fertilizers can settle like this after sitting a while. But with homogenization, the nutrients are all locked together in each grain.

The mixture will be less dusty. The homogenization will cause some of the fertilizer dust to be contained. This is a big plus for our customers as well as our employees who could possibly breathe the dust when bagging the product.

We believe these changes will benefit the plants as well as help us keep Mills Magic in stock year-round. We’ve had issues obtaining materials to make Mills Magic in spring of 2021, and hopefully, this will help us avoid that. We would appreciate any feedback you can give us after using this product.