Rose Feeding Suggestions

Here are some feeding suggestions using Mills Magic Rose Mix, Mills EasyFeed, and BloomKote. These are suggestions that are best for SE Tennessee/N Georgia and surrounding areas. Adjustments might need to be made in other areas, depending on weather conditions.

  1. In spring, after the danger of hard frost is over (March or early April), apply two cups of Mills Magic Rose Mix around the drip line of the rose bush and work into the soil thoroughly. Water liberally.

  2. Starting in mid-April, apply monthly 1 gallon of Mills EasyFeed mixture (1 tablespoon of EasyFeed or EasyFeed Liquid Concentrate per gallon of water) to soil around the rose bush. We recommend using this mixture as a soil drench, but if you prefer using as a foliar feed, be sure to only do this during the cooler part of the day.

  3. In May, you may apply one cup of BloomKote extended release fertilizer to provide nutrients slowly throughout the growing season. Simply sprinkle BloomKote on top of the soil around your rose bushes.

  4. In August, apply Mills Magic Rose mix as directed in step 1.

  5. Sunlight and water are two crucial elements in the health of your rose bushes. Be sure to water at least weekly, and more often during dry weather periods.

Note: For new rose bushes, 1 cup of Mills Magic Rose Mix may be incorporated into the potting soil when planting.

If you ever have any questions concerning the use of these products, feel free to call us at 800-845-2325 or email at We are here to help.