Rose Society Group Purchasing Program

Each year, we invite rose societies to participate in our Rose Society Group Purchasing Program. This program allows rose society members to purchase our products at a discounted rate if the shipment can be delivered to one location.

Usually, one person in the society will be in charge of getting the orders from the members together. Then, when they have all the orders, they will send the order in to us, and we will ship it to the location of their choice.

Each year, usually in November, we will send a price list to rose societies. The prices are based on weight and zip code. The more you order, the bigger the discount, because we get better freight prices on bigger shipments. Smaller shipments will go UPS. The larger ones will go by common carrier. We can send bigger shipments by UPS, but we can't give the largest weight discounts on UPS shipments.

If your rose society doesn't presently participate in this program, and you think the members might be interested, please email Cathy at or call 800-845-2325 for more information. We would be glad to send you the pricing information for your society.