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Thank you all so much for your feedback on our new website. I’m happy to say almost everything has been positive. I KNOW it’s much better than the old one! Because of the glitch we had at the beginning, I mentioned in the second email that I’m doing three drawings instead of one. So here are the winners picked randomly by grabbing three emails out of a pile. Raymond Kristy Joy Last names have been omitted for privacy unless the winners themselves disclose their full names. 😉 I’ll be contacting the winners shortly!

Customer Service

Grayson Kent News and Thoughts

Today I read an article called “Paying the Price for Poor Service”. It says that 33% of customers switch companies because of a rude customer service rep. 26% because of being bounced between reps. The smaller percentages were for waiting too long for an inquiry to be resolved, being pressured to purchase something (I hate that!), and changing policies without warning. At Beaty Fertilizer, we try our very best to take care of our customers. Not just because we want your business, but because you deserve our best service, and we really do care. What is the number one reason …

Price Increase

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After holding our prices on Mills Magic Rose Mix steady for several years, we are finally going to have to have an increase. Our last price increase was in January of 2007, which was four and a half years ago. We held our prices steady through many UPS shipping charge increases as well as increases in the materials that go into the production of Mills Magic Rose Mix. In doing an analysis on our costs, we’ve found that we have actually been losing money on some shipments, and we can’t continue to ship at a loss. I hope you, our …