Winners of Newsletter Drawing!

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Thank you all so much for your feedback on our new website. I’m happy to say almost everything has been positive. I KNOW it’s much better than the old one! Because of the glitch we had at the beginning, I mentioned in the second email that I’m doing three drawings instead of one. So here are the winners picked randomly by grabbing three emails out of a pile. Raymond Kristy Joy Last names have been omitted for privacy unless the winners themselves disclose their full names. 😉 I’ll be contacting the winners shortly!

Did You Know?

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Did you know that if you sign up for our newsletter, you have a chance to win a prize each time? Usually, all I ask is that you email me with an answer to a question. This month’s question was “What was the summer like for you?” Everyone that emails me has a chance to win something in a drawing. There are two ways to sign up for the email. The easiest for us is if you key in your email address in the sign up box at the top right corner of our home page. This automatically signs you …